Choosing the right children’s dentist can be a big decision. Your child’s oral health is one of the most important aspects of their well-being, especially because tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease. Given the importance of children’s oral health, it’s important to choose the right children’s dentist. Luckily, a quality kids’ dentist is just a short drive away. Discover why Sea of Smiles of is the best pediatric dentist in the Holmesberg area!

What Makes a Pediatric Dentist Different?

Despite some common misconceptions, a pediatric dentist is not the same as a family dentist. As the American Academy of Pediatrics explains, pediatric dentists specialize in the oral health of children ranging from infants to teenagers. Pediatric dentists have completed at least four years of dental school and an additional two years of residency where they train in children’s dentistry. For these reasons, it’s important to find the right pediatric dentist for your child.

5 Reasons Why Sea of Smiles is the Best Pediatric Dentist in the Holmesberg Area

  1. Dr. Raj Patel – When it comes to pediatric dentists in the Holmesberg area, few are as skilled or as qualified as Dr. Raj. After graduating from Pennsylvania State University ahead of schedule, Dr. Raj obtained his Doctor of Dental Medicine from the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University. He then went on to become the Chief Resident of the university’s Pediatric Dentistry program. A true family man, Dr. Raj has a wonderful wife named Jigna and two beautiful children, Maya and Nina. His love of family and extensive experience in children’s dentistry are just a couple of reasons why Dr. Raj is among the best the Holmesberg area has to offer.
  2. Dr. Mukund PatelDr. Mukund is a kids’ dentist who meets the highest of standards. After attending Schreyer Honors College at The Pennsylvania State University and graduating early, Dr. Mukund pursued children’s dentistry at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. Just like Dr. Raj, Dr. Mukund went on to become the Chief Resident of Pediatric Dentistry program at the Episcopal Division of Temple University. When he’s not working in the office, Dr. Mukund gives back to the community by teaching the next generation of dental workers at Temple University.
  3. Preventative Care – According to the University of Washington’s Center for Pediatric Dentistry, preventative care is one of the most important aspects of children’s dentistry. Sea of Smiles makes preventative care a top priority, using the best possible dental care and teaching your child the proper techniques. Although we’d gladly do it for your child, our goal is to never have to fill a cavity!
  4. Quality Services – Sea of Smiles offers a wide range of children’s dentistry services. In addition to preventative care, Sea of Smiles provides restorative dentistry with things like BPA-free tooth color fillings and stainless steel crowns. Dr. Raj and Dr. Mukund also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or conscious sedation to relax nervous children and ensure a positive experience at Sea of Smiles.
  5. Child-Centered Philosophy – Sea of Smiles values a relaxing and inviting environment for children. Dr. Raj and Dr. Patel use the latest techniques and empower children to care for their oral health, as they believe it is foundational for their well-being and self-esteem.

Looking for the right kids’ dentist is important, but it does not have to be a challenge. Make an appointment on our website or give us a call to schedule your visit and discover why Sea of Smiles is the best pediatric dentist for Holmesberg!

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