Baby’s First Dental Visit: A Smart Parent’s Guide

Learn everything you need to know about your child’s first dentist visit.

Throughout life, everyone goes through countless firsts. From our first steps to our first day of school to the first time driving, each first a milestone that progresses life forward. Children have countless firsts in the first few years of life. First word, first haircut, first holiday…the list goes on.

Along with these fun firsts are other firsts that are important to start a child’s healthy life right. These firsts include a baby’s first visit to the doctor and a baby’s first dental visit. While not as fun as some other firsts these are important to ensure that your baby is healthy.

Adding to the Baby Book: When You Should Take Your Baby to the Dentist

Even though baby teeth fall out, they’re just as important as adult teeth. They’re the building ground for healthy adult teeth by holding the space for permanent teeth that are developing under the gums.

A baby is born with twenty primary teeth in their gums that begin to come in within the first year. It is very important to schedule a child’s first dental visit once that first tooth appears. Tooth decay can occur as soon as a tooth erupts, so it’s important to start your baby’s dental routine right away.

Being proactive about your child’s dental health today can help keep his or her smile healthy for life.

Smart Parents Ask These 3 Questions at Their Baby’s First Dental Visit

A baby’s first dental visit isn’t only an important milestone for their dental health, it also helps savvy parents learn how they can help their child have healthy, white teeth for the rest of their life. Here are three questions that are important to ask during the first dental visit:

  • What is my child’s risk of developing cavities? This important question will guide the rest of the appointment. Once you know the initial risk of your child developing cavities you can start planning how to prevent cavities.
  • How should I care for my child’s mouth? Once you know what your child’s risk is, you can talk to the dentist about the best way to care for your child’s teeth. This includes finding out what their teeth brushing schedule should be like, the best toothpaste to use for babies, and what sort of food and drink they should consume to minimize their risk of cavities.
  • What should my child’s dental visit schedule be like? After you know what you should be doing at home, you should ask what their dental schedule should be like. In the past, dentists typically called for visits every six months. Now, the schedule may vary according to each child’s needs and risks. As your child grows, the dental team can help you learn how to prevent common oral problems.

These three questions will give you critical information that will help you keep your baby’s teeth healthy as they continue to grow. A baby’s first dental visit is an important milestone in your child’s dental health, definitely one to add to the baby book!

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