Top 4 Qualities You Should Look For In The Best Children’s Dentist

Overwhelmed by the number of pediatric dentists available? We’ve got the top four qualities that make a great children’s dentist!

best childrens dentistIs it time for your child’s next dental check-up? Not sure where to begin looking for a dentist? When searching for a pediatric dentist for your family remember that it takes more than a waiting room full of toys to be the best children’s dentist. There are four distinct qualities to look for in your quest for the best pediatric dentist.

  1. A kid-friendly atmosphere, including colorful wall murals, comfortable chairs in the waiting area and a variety of toys to choose from.  Child-sized dental chairs and instruments in the exam room with a seat for mom or dad helps a child feel less anxious.
  2. Friendly and engaging staff.  The best children’s dentist and their staff should enjoy working with children, and develop a good rapport with children and parents, a good sense of humor helps everyone stay relaxed.
  3. Good communication skills with kids and parents alike.  The best kid’s dentist is patient, has respect for each and every child, and has the ability to explain what will happen before, during and after their visit.  Kids and parents often have questions and your dentist should be both attentive and accommodating.
  4. Educating children on the benefits of fantastic oral hygiene.  Children and parents alike should be made aware of the negative impact of an unhealthy diet and how to reap the rewards of healthy teeth.

Dr. Raj Patel Is The Best Children’s Dentist!

In addition to all of the qualities listed above, Dr. Raj has the educational and work experience required to be the best children’s dentist around!  What sets him apart from other dentists are:

  • Dedication and commitment to pediatric dental care. Dr. Raj has demonstrated his passion for his profession by traveling to Israel to provide much needed dentistry to children without access to adequate dental care.
  • Collaboration with other programs to create well-rounded dental care programs for kids
  • Educational background. Dr. Raj earned his Bachelors of Science ahead of schedule, then entered the Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry to attain his Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree. Afterwards, Dr. Raj worked in the highly competitive Episcopal Division of Temple University to study Pediatric Dentistry where he eventually became the Chief Resident for the program, before working with Sea of Smiles.

At Sea of Smiles our mission is to treat each child like our own by ensuring their comfort and safety.  If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Raj, the best children’s dentist, or are ready to schedule an appointment, please call us at 267-392-5878.