The Best Pediatric Dentistry In Bucks County Welcomes You

When was the last time your child had a routine dental exam? The American Dental Association recommends a check up twice a year.  Here at the best pediatric dentistry in Bucks County we welcome your child to our relaxed kid-friendly environment where they will receive quality and gentle dental care.

Our friendly pediatric specialty team provides preventative, comprehensive and emergency dental care from infants to adolescents. Our focus is to educate children so they develop the proper skills to maintain good oral hygiene so they can prevent oral health problems later.

What Makes Us The Best Pediatric Dentistry In Bucks County?

We invite parents or caregivers to stay with your child during their visit to put them at ease. Dr. Raj Patel is an experienced, compassionate and the best pediatric dentist in Bucks County.  He and his team offer the following

  • Preventative care– we teach kids proper brushing and flossing techniques.
  • Restorative dentistry– Dr. Raj, the best pediatric dentist, will discuss appropriate treatment options.
  • Nitrous oxide– or laughing gas as it is commonly know, is an option to use during treatment for your child.  It is both safe and effective to use on children.
  • Conscious sedation-used selectively for some children.
  • All White Crowns/ Stainless steel crowns-when a filling isn’t enough, Dr. Raj may use crowns to save a tooth.
  • Comfortable waiting room with electronic entertainment.
  • Children’s playroom to keep them busy and entertained.
  • Friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff and Bucks County best pediatric dentist.

Have an emergency? Don’t worry, you can call our office 24-7, and there is always a pediatric dentist on call! We make it easy to schedule your first or next appointment, and we recommend morning appointments for younger children as they are more attentive.  Come and find out why we are the best pediatric dentistry in Bucks County, Click for more information or schedule an appointment today.