The first smile, the first laugh, the first time you wake up in fear that you slept through the night, only to rush to the nursery, throw open the door, and then slump back in relief at the steady rise and fall of your sweet baby’s breath.  So many firsts.  

And you may remember while you were still waiting for your tiny package to arrive, you spent hours upon hours researching all the “bests”. The best cribs, the best stroller, the best … well, you name it!

But one of the most important things you may have overlooked was the need to search for the best pediatric dentist Levittown has to offer.  Yes, having the best dentist available for those first few teeth and the first pediatric dental appointment will make a lifelong impact on your child.

The Long-reaching Effects of Poor Oral Health

Did you know that weakness in a child’s gum health can open up the door to many more health issues that affect the entire body?

When a child’s teeth are not properly cleaned and cared for, plaque builds up bringing with it naturally occurring toxins and poisons. These harmful substances over time can cause irritation and an eventual breakdown of the gums.  This brings greater risk of infection and possible gum diseases, such as gingivitis or the more serious periodontitis in later years.  

But that is not the only risk that comes from ignoring the importance of finding the best pediatric dentist near Levittown.

The Mayo Clinic recognizes possible connections between one’s oral health and chronic health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, problems in pregnancy and birth, endocarditis, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Similarly, U.S. News and World Report also contributes some possible systematic health issues, including chronic kidney disease and stroke, to poor oral health.

But, all that seems a bit over the top and decidedly too intense when you glance over at your nine month old smiling baby with mashed banana all over her chin.  Certainly she will not ever have to deal with any of these painful health issues.  We hope not.  And if you decide to bring her to the best pediatric dentist levittown has seen, her chances will greatly improve.

Here at Sea of Smiles, Dr. Raj Patel knows how important it is to provide preventative pediatric care.  And as a parent of a young child himself, he also thoroughly understands a parent’s concerns and fears when searching for the best pediatric dentist near Levittown, PA.  He is dedicated to providing you and your child with care that emphasizes compassion, patience, comfort, and education.  

Dr. Raj understands the unique needs his little patients have, emotional and physical.  And that is why he is considered to be the best pediatric dentist near Levittown.

Trust Sea of Smiles with your precious “best”.  We will not disappoint you.  

Learn more about Dr. Raj and his commitment to pediatric dentistry.

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