Looking for tips from a Bristol Pediatric Dentistry Office? We can help!

Helping your child stay happy and healthy is a full-time job. Making sure that they brush and floss daily can be challenging. While Sea of Smiles isn’t a Bristol pediatric dentistry office, we can still offer four ways to help kids have a healthy smile.

    1. Education. We focus on educating children about proper dental care which includes the 2-2-2 rule. Brush your teeth twice a day, every day for two minutes and schedule a dental appointment twice a year. Preventive care is essential to help your child have a great smile.
    2. Relieving dental pain. Kids can’t and won’t smile if they’re in pain, but our expert team of dentists are here to help. Dr. Raj Patel is skilled at relieving pain and preventing dental pain while treating your child.
    3. Restorative dentistry. We hope that your children won’t require restorative dentistry, but if they do, we’ll make sure to restore their smile. If your child needs a cavity filled, we’ll use BPA-free tooth color fillings.
  • Emergency dental care. It can be frightening and sometimes traumatic when a child has an emergency like having a tooth knocked out or an abscess, but the best thing you can do in that situation is to not panic. Simply call our office as there’s always a pediatric dentist on call.

Although We’re Not a Bristol Pediatric Dentistry Office – We Have Our Advantages

At Sea of Smiles, we aim to give you peace of mind and comfort during each and every visit.

  • Friendly and patient staff who help your child to feel relaxed and comfortable during their visit
  • An inviting waiting room equipped with an entertainment center and iPads
  • Dental team experienced in working with special needs children
  • Monthly contests and prizes

We invite you to discover what makes us kid-friendly and parent approved. Learn more about us and call to schedule an appointment today 215-392-5878.