Dental Tips From Your Children Dentists Bensalem Families Love!

Developing and maintaining proper oral hygiene is vital at every stage in your child’s life. At Sea of Smiles, children dentists Bensalem families love, our goals are to educate and provide the highest quality of dental care for children of all ages.

As your child grows they will experience the following phases of dental development. Each phase requires specific instructions to ensure the appropriate dental care. Sea of Smiles, your children’s dentist in Bensalem recommends:

    • Infant dental care starts by cleaning their gums with a soft cloth after they eat to remove lingering milk or formula and stimulate the gums. Once your child’s first teeth begin to appear, use a toothbrush with a small amount of toothpaste to gently clean their teeth twice a day.
  • Preschooler dental care. Children between the ages of 3-5 will have all of their baby teeth. Continue to brush your child’s teeth and begin teaching them how to do it themselves. Help prevent cavities by eliminating the use of sippy cups.
  • 6-11 years old. Children at age six will begin to lose their baby teeth and permanent teeth will appear. Once these teeth begin to touch, your child should begin flossing their teeth. You may find plastic flossing tools help your child floss those hard to reach places.

Discover The Best Children Dentists Bensalem Families Rely On!

At Sea of Smiles, the children dentists Bensalem families rely on us because of:

  • Our focus on educating children about creating marvelous oral hygiene
  • Our kid-friendly waiting room equipped with video entertainment and a playroom
  • Dr. Raj Patel and his specialized pediatric dental team who provide spectacular dental care

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