Children’s Dentists Guide: 5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety Before a Visit

How you can keep you kiddos from feeling anxious about the dentist

childrens dentistIt is normal for kids to be nervous about going to children’s dentists, especially for their first visit. However, no child should have to feel extreme anxiety when getting ready for a dental visit.

At Sea of Smiles, we go the extra mile to make your child feel comfortable when they are at the office. But it is up to you, the parent, to help your child face their fears before they even set foot in our office. Here are our tips on helping your child manage their dental anxiety at home, so that they can have a more peaceful and relaxed visit!

5 Tips for Managing Anxiety Before the Dentist Appointment

Read storybooks about dentists.

Go to your local library and ask about children’s books about the dentist. Reading storybooks that portray dentists and dental care in a positive light will go far in helping your child understand that the dentist is nothing to fear! Check out these titles to start.

Play dentist.

Children learn through play, so what better way to teach them about the dentist than playing dentist? Pull out an extra toothbrush and have your kids brush their stuffed animals teeth (but watch out for that tiger’s incisors!). Have them draw pictures of children’s dentists, and let them give these pictures to their dentist at their next visit. Associate dental health with fun, so your child will feel at ease when it comes to visiting the dentist in real life.

Get some cool tools.

Take your child to the store and let them pick out a brand new toothbrush and a fun flavor or toothpaste. You can even get some fun flossers in silly shapes to get them excited about keeping their teeth clean! When you are home, brush your teeth at the same time as your children, so they can see that grown-ups care about their teeth, too. Stay positive, and make it fun!

Children’s dentists are best.

Seek out a pediatric dentist, rather than a family dentist. Children’s dentists have received more training on the needs of children’s oral health than a family dentist, and they often have more resources for handling children’s anxiety when it comes to seeing the dentist.

Talk it out.

Talk to your child about what they should expect before a dentist visit if they are feeling anxious. Explain that a dentist will help keep them healthy. If it’s your child’s first appointment, you can even go for a “practice visit” before the real appointment, in order to see the office, talk to the dentist and have a positive experience before the real thing.

At Sea of Smiles, we are committed to making the dentist a safe and fun place for all children. To learn more about our services and why we are the best pediatric dentist for your family, contact us today!