If you have a young child, one of your biggest priorities is giving him or her the best start possible in life.

That involves immunizations, check-ups at the doctor, and yes, you guessed it– regular visits to the dentist. It’s important for children to establish the habit of going to the dentist early on, especially so that we can catch any potential problems before they get big. Did you know that dental decay is the most common childhood disease in America?

Give your child the best start with a caring, local dentist in Bensalem, PA. At Sea of Smiles, we offer parents and children a unique experience that makes dental visits fun and comfortable for everyone.

4 FAQ’s Answered by the Bensalem Dentist, Sea of Smiles

Here, we answer your Frequently Asked Questions about what makes our practice great for kids.

Q: What do you do to make the environment comfortable for my child?

A: We think it’s important to make the dentist’s office a pleasant place for kids from the outset, as soon as they get here. That’s why we offer video entertainment and a playroom as part of our waiting room experience. When your child comes for his or her first visit, we encourage you to talk about the dentist beforehand in positive terms, explaining that it is a sign they are growing up. Let your child know that we are going to count and brush their teeth and take pictures. Our dental staff is gentle and very experienced at working with children.

Q: What will my child learn at his or her appointment?

A: Dental visits are important for children to get used to dentists and learning about preventative care. Because cavities are so common among children and can lead to multiple problems related to their overall well-being, we take preventative care very seriously. Your child will learn the right techniques at a young age so we never have to fill a cavity!

Q: What other services do you offer in terms of pediatric dental care?

A: Our goal is that your child will never need dental work, but if they do, we can restore his/her smile. Dr. Raj will discuss treatment options with you so that you can make a good decision for your child. We usually use BPA/free white fillings and stainless steel crowns when this is needed to save the tooth.

Q: How can I make an appointment?

A: For a pediatric dentist in Bensalem PA you can get an appointment right away by calling us at our Bensalem location (215)-433-1840.

If you’d like to get a head start on your first visit, you can download, print, and fill out the history and privacy policy forms under “Let Us Get to Know You Better”.

We are excited to meet you and your child. Let us make your child’s dental visit a positive experience that makes the whole family want to come back for more!

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