No Matter Where You Are Choose the Best Pediatric Dentist in Northeast Philadelphia

Choosing a dentist for your child is important, Sea of Smiles makes it easy

Being a parent can be daunting. Suddenly you are tasked with raising, protecting, and nurturing your child. No easy task.

Just as you are teaching your child, you too are learning the ins and outs of parenting. It is both exciting and frightening. Fortunately, in today’s world, it is easy to find helpful guidance both online and in person.

You don’t have to make these important decisions alone; especially not when it comes to choosing the best pediatric dentist northeast Philadelphia has to offer.

Where to Go When Your Child Needs a Dentist

Dentist-Northeast-PhiladelphiaTaking your child to the dentist for the first time comes sooner than most parents would expect. The latest recommended age is a year old, but once your child’s teeth start coming in you should make their first dentist appointment.

While it’s tempting to make the appointment with your own dentist, your child will be far more comfortable with a specialized pediatric dentist office. Not only are the dentists trained to work with children but the equipment they use is child-sized and far less frightening to your children.

How to Choose the Right Pediatric Dentist in Northeast Philadelphia

Whether you live in Mayfair, Tacony, Bustleton, Torresdale, or Holmesburg this guide will help you choose the best pediatric dentist in northeast Philadelphia.

  1. Dental Care. This may sound obvious, but it is important to check what the dental office offers. The best pediatric dentist will have well-rounded offerings that will ensure that you can go to them for whatever dental treatment your child needs. This includes:
    • Oral exams and risk assessment for cavities for infants
    • Knowledge of dealing with dental habits, such as thumb sucking, teeth grinding or pacifier use, repair of tooth cavities or other tooth defects.
    • Preventive dental care, including cleaning, sealants, and fluoride treatment.
    • Care of knocked-out teeth, fractured teeth or displaced teeth.
  2. Education. Additionally, your pediatric dentist should be able to provide educational information for both you and your child. Education on how diet and drinks can affect your child’s teeth. You should be able to learn how to care for your child’s teeth as an infant and how to handle dental emergencies. They should also be ready to educate your child on proper dental hygiene, demonstrating how to brush and floss so your child can take ownership of their dental care as soon as possible.
  3. Atmosphere. Finally, as was mentioned earlier, you’ll want to choose a dental office that is child-friendly. This means the office space should be comfortable for children, have friendly staff, and the dental equipment should be child-size. The best pediatric dentist will give full attention to your child and make sure that they are using vocabulary that will allow the child to understand what is being done.

The best pediatric dentist will make your child feel confident in their dental health. That’s why it’s  so important to choose the right pediatric dentist in northeast Philadelphia for your child’s first dentist appointment. If you live in Mayfair, Tacony, Bustleton, Torresdale, or Holmesburg you should consider Sea of Smiles.

At Sea of Smiles, we pride ourselves on offering the best pediatric dentistry in a child-friendly environment. Both of our pediatric dentist offices in Yardley (267-392-5878) and  Bensalem (215-433-1840) can provide excellent dental care for your children. If you’d like more information about Sea of Smiles please contact our offices today to schedule an appointment.