How to Prepare for Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment

Clueless About Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment? We Can Help!

First Dentist AppointmentAs soon as your baby has that first tooth come in, it’s time to start thinking about their dental health. Experts say that you should schedule your child’s first dentist appointment before they turn one, but it’s even better to schedule it as soon as their teeth start coming in. The importance of seeing a dentist early on in your child’s life is essential because it sets them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth habits. If you’re not sure what to expect with your child’s first visit to the dentist, you don’t need to worry. We’re here to help.

If you’re drawing a blank when it comes to preparing for your child’s first dentist appointment, you’re not alone. Many parents seek tips and tricks on how to get ready for their child’s first dental visit. There’s plenty you can do at home before taking your child to their appointment to get them comfortable with the idea of having their teeth examined. The more your child knows, the better they will be in the chair!

Three Parent Hacks For A Child’s First Dentist Appointment

  1. Familiarize Your Child. The first step to getting your child ready for the dentist is to communicate with them! Explain to them in terms they can understand what they should expect and then sit in front of the mirror with your child and show them how to open their mouth wide for the dentist. Before you know it, they’ll be a pro! It’s also helpful to remind your child that going to the dentist is a positive experience because all they want to do is help them be healthy.
  2. Schedule Thoughtfully. When you’re scheduling your child’s first appointment, make sure to schedule at an appropriate time. Don’t schedule the appointment during your child’s usual nap time or before they’ve had a chance to eat. Make sure that they’re well rested and fed and as happy as can be before their visit to achieve the best results.
  3. Ask Questions. Once you’ve made it to your child’s first dentist appointment, take advantage of having the expert in the room with you. Ask the dentist what they’re checking and why. Ask the dentist to demonstrate the proper brushing and flossing techniques so that your child is able to see the correct way to care for their teeth. Ask if there is anything that you should be keeping an eye on/should be concerned about for the future. Knowledge is power, and asking never hurts!

Taking your child to the dentist should never have to be difficult, and being as prepared as possible can help calm any nerves both you and your child are having. Ready to make the first step? Give Sea of Smiles a call to schedule an appointment at either our Yardley location, (267) 392-5878, or our Bensalem location, (215) 433-1840, today!