How To Make Flossing For Kids Fast And Easy, Every Time

Find Out How Flossing For Kids Can Be Made Easier With These Tips and Tricks

For children, it’s important to get them flossing at an early age in order to form a habit that will stick with them throughout their life. If this habit isn’t formed, flossing regularly will not be something that they always include in their daily teeth cleaning routine. Flossing for kids is important to start doing as soon as they have two teeth growing in next to each other, so really, it’s never too early to start cleaning in between their teeth. Jumpstart your child’s flossing activity by educating yourself on how to best rid their teeth of plaque and debris.

Get Smart: Three Simple Steps You Should Know About Flossing For Kids

flossing for kidsIt’s good to get your children flossing at a young age, but it’s even better to get them flossing the correct way from the beginning. Lazy flossing may not be as hard on your gums, but it doesn’t get all of the plaque from food out that will build up over time, potentially causing cavities. If you monitor your child’s flossing activity and guide them in the right direction, they will be set for life. Here are the three fundamental steps on how to floss. For more in-depth instruction, check in with your child’s pediatric dentist.

Step 1. Using children’s dental floss, guide your child to hold a piece of dental floss between their thumb and index finger, wrapping the floss once around each finger for a better grip.

Step 2. Form a “u” shape with the floss and gently wrap it around each tooth, moving up and down against the tooth and under the gum line. Be sure to remind your child not to apply too much pressure, or their gums might bleed.

Step 3. To ensure that each tooth is getting the best clean possible with the floss, use a new section of children’s dental floss for each tooth.

Additional Ways to Ensure Flossing For Kids is Effective and Easy

Besides using ordinary children’s dental floss, other tools have been created to make flossing a little easier for your little one. For example, instead of using string floss that comes on a spool, you might want to pick up a pack of kids’ flossers for your child. The easy to hold handle gives them more control, making getting between their teeth easier. And, on top of their functionality, they can come in different shapes and colors, making flossing for kids more fun!

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