How Pediatric Preventative Care Will Make You Smile

Developing an Easy Preventative Care Routine is Easier Than You Think!

During the summer holidays, it’s easy to become lax on normal routines. So often, despite long discussions and personal promises, kids go the entire summer without reading one book or practicing math at all.

The same thing can happen with pediatric preventive care. It’s  so easy to fall away from healthy habits. Especially when everything “looks fine,” it seems unimportant to continue to make sure that your children are brushing their teeth regularly.

But dental hygiene begins at a very young age and instilling proper dental health at a young age is incredibly critical to prevent poor dental health in the future. The key to this is establishing and maintaining pediatric preventative care routines.

How to Develop a Pediatric Preventative Care Routine

pediatric preventive careThe best way to ensure that your child maintains healthy dental habits is to set up a dental care routine. Children are constantly observing your actions, the more you demonstrate healthy dental habits the more they’ll model your behavior.

From this starting point, you can develop a partnership with your children as you encourage them to develop good dental health habits. For example, you can take them to the store with you and let them choose a toothbrush and toothpaste flavor. This will encourage them to take ownership of their dental health, while also making it more enjoyable (it’s way more fun to use an awesome toothbrush!).

Next, it is important to schedule a specific time of day to go through the oral care routine. This time should be consistent, that’s how the habit is formed that your child will rely on later in life. During this time you should be present to monitor and offer assistance if your child is struggling with the brushing or flossing.

Finally, praise your child for taking good care of their teeth. This will instill a reward and value to taking care of teeth that will encourage a continued effort.

But your at-home routine isn’t the only important one to develop. As part of your pediatric preventative care routine, you also need to make sure you take your child to the dentist regularly, a child’s first appointment can happen as early as one year old! At these appointments, the dentist can assess the child’s teeth and ensure there are no problems.

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