If you’re like many adults, you may have a fear of dentists that has haunted you since you were a child.  That’s why it’s essential for your child to develop a happy and healthy relationship between your child and their dentist. At Sea of Smiles, kid dental Yardley families love, we are child-friendly and family approved because

  • Our mission is to be the best oral care provider for your child.
  • We have created a friendly and relaxed environment
  • We take pride in our work and treating each child as if they were our own
  • Our pediatric specialty team provides high quality preventative, comprehensive and emergency dental care
  • We utilize advanced technology and techniques for the best pediatric dental care in Yardley
  • We educate children about how to maintain good oral hygiene
  • We take our time to explain all available treatment options
  • Our waiting area is equipped with video entertainment and a playroom
  • We make dental care fun with our monthly contests and prizes

Dr. Raj Patel and Team Are What Makes Kid Dental Yardley, PA The Best

Dr. Raj Patel is dedicated in applying his skills to work towards the common good, both globally and locally.  Dr. Raj has provided dental treatment to children without access to high quality dental care, from the Special Olympics to Israel.  Dr. Raj’s commitment to pediatric dentistry is evidenced by his collaboration to create extensive health programs for children.

Sea of Smiles’s knowledgeable and professional team consistently demonstrate their commitment to providing high quality dental care services for children of all ages.  Sea of Smiles offers a range of dental services from preventative care to restorative work.  We welcome you and your child to discover what makes this kid dental Yardley the best pediatric dental office around!  Learn more about kid dental Yardley or schedule an appointment today 267-392-5878.