12 Kids Dental Care Tips for the New Year

Sea of Smiles provides your child with effective, kid-friendly dental care.

Kids Dental CareSea of Smiles has been providing kids in Pennsylvania with healthy smiles and positive dentistry experiences. We’re excited for another new year ahead and the chance to care for our wonderful patients in 2018.

At our practice, we’re firm believers in the importance of child-friendly, conservative, and preventative kids dental care. That means that we adjust our language, attitudes, and methods to create a positive atmosphere for kids. It means that we only use invasive treatments when absolutely necessary for your child’s health and prioritize the use of more mild equipment and methods.

And it means we strongly emphasize the importance of preventing dental issues in kids. That’s why the team at Sea of Smiles has compiled this list of expert tips for kids dental care. Following these tips and practicing preventative care can help your kids to achieve their best possible dental health and brightest smiles in 2018.

Here they are, twelve key kids dentistry tips for the new year!

  1. Cleaning: Twice Per Year
    In the upcoming year, make sure to visit your kid’s dentist twice for cleanings and fluoride applications.
  2. Dental Checkup: Twice Per Year
    Same goes for general dental checkups; every child should undergo at least two per year.
  3. Strengthen Teeth With Fluoride Treatments

    Professionally applied fluoride vitamin treatments strengthen your child’s teeth and prevent cavities.

  4. Encourage Proper Brushing Technique

    Make sure your child brushes at least twice a day, but also ensure that she is using proper technique. Monitor brushing occasionally to check and offer guidance.

  5. Start Flossing Early
    Kids need to floss to maintain good dental health. Once your child’s teeth are developed enough to touch, they will require flossing.
  6. Utilize Stainless Steel Crowns
    If fillings are insufficient for addressing a large cavity, installing a stainless steel crown can save the affected tooth.
  7. Use Space Maintainers After Premature Tooth Loss
    If a baby tooth is lost prematurely, a spacer can prevent the remaining teeth from moving.
  8. Athletic Mouthguards Are Essential For Active Kids
    If your child participates in sports or is highly active, invest in a mouthguard to protect their teeth from injury.
  9. Seek Out Immediate Dental Care Following Injuries
    If your child has experienced a traumatic dental injury, immediate emergency care is critical. Sea of Smiles is proud to offer 24/7 on-call dentists in case of emergencies.
  10. Be Sugar Smart
    Limit your child’s sugar intake, paying special attention to sugary drinks (including juices).
  11. Use Fluoride Toothpaste
    In addition to receiving fluoride treatments, make sure your child’s toothpaste contains fluoride.
  12. Take Advantage Of Nitrous Oxide
    For kids who have anxiety at dentist’s offices, nitrous oxide (or laughing gas) can help to make dental treatments easier. Sea of Smiles is proud to offer this service.

And there you have it: twelve ways to encourage good dental health in 2018. If you’re wondering “where can I find a kids dentist near me” that prioritizes preventative and conservative care and uses kid-friendly methods, look no further than Sea of Smiles. We’re excited to offer your children the best, most positive kids dental care available.

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