5 Tooth Healthy Foods from a Kids Dentist Near You!

You can learn what foods are good for your body and good for your teeth!

We all know that eating healthy is good for the body, but did you also know that eating healthy is good for your teeth? It’s imperative that your children start practicing healthy eating habits at a young age to ensure that they carry on with these habits in their adult lives.

Building a foundation for healthy teeth is as easy as remembering to eat the right things and staying away from sugary, sticky foods. Not sure what foods your children need to be eating to keep their oral health in tact? Your search for a ‘kids dentist near me’ may bode well for your child’s oral health.

Staying Away From Unhealthy Foods Aids In Successful Pediatric Dentistry For Children

kids dentist near meNeed some initial facts regarding dentistry for kids? Let’s start with the types of foods your children should and shouldn’t be eating. If you know your child has a sweet tooth, it’s time to reign them in. Foods that are high in sugar, carbs, and starches can heighten the chance of decay in your children’s teeth over time.

Aside from the junk food, soda is another big substance that causes decay and erosion of the enamel in teeth, especially if left on your child’s teeth for too long after consumption. In short, it’s time to limit your child’s junk food intake.

Five Healthy Foods Any Kids Dentist Near You Will Recommend

Now that we have discussed what types of food to stay away from, let’s take a look at five types of  healthy foods that will boost your children’s dental health.

    1. Cheese. Now, let’s be honest. Who doesn’t love cheese on everything? Your burger, your macaroni, your salad… the list goes on. Luckily for us, cheese has the ability to raise the pH level in our mouths, helping prevent tooth decay.
    2. Carrots. Aside from being a quick, healthy snack, carrots are great to eat at the end of a meal to promote the production of saliva in our mouths, reducing our risk for cavities. Try cutting out potato chips with your child’s sandwich at lunch time and replacing them with baby carrots to promote healthy teeth!
    3. Celery. Celery may not taste like much, but don’t count it out. The high water content and stringiness that celery possesses can act like an edible toothbrush, removing any debris and food particles that could be stuck in your teeth. Who knew!
    4. Almonds. Eating almonds as a snack during the day is a great way to enhance your calcium and protein levels, which will also benefit your teeth.
    5. Water. I know. Water is not considered “food” per se, but it is a huge factor in the hygiene of your teeth. Cutting out juice and soda and replacing the with water will severely cut down on your risk of plaque on your teeth. Your body will also thank you because as we all know, water is 70% of our bodies!

Be proactive about your child’s dental health by keeping up with pediatric dentistry for kids with a kids dentist near you. Call and schedule an appointment at Sea of Smiles in Yardley, (267) 392-5878, or Bensalem, (215) 433-1840, today!