Afraid of the Kids Dentist? Top 5 Reasons Your Kid Hates the Dentist

Understand why your child is afraid to go to the dentist

kids dentistFear can be a good thing: being afraid of dangerous things helps keep us safe! Children especially can remain safer if they are cautious around things like busy roads, strangers or wild animals. But what if your child is afraid of a kids dentist?

Dental care is so vital to the overall health of children, so a fear of going to the dentist can actually be detrimental to a child’s health. At Sea of Smiles, it is our goal to make all children feel safe and comfortable in our office, so we want to address common fears about the dentist head-on. Here are the top five reasons children hate going to the dentist, and what Sea of Smiles can do to help!

Children’s Top 5 Fears About the Dentist

  1. Fear of Pain
    This is the most common and easily perceived fear that children experience when they go to a kids dentist. Because we don’t often have someone poking around our teeth and gums, children fear what it will feel like. This fear becomes heightened when children see sharp instruments that appear to be just for prodding and poking, not understanding that these tools are intended to help them, not hurt them.
  2. Fear of the Unknown
    Though you can explain to children that a kids dentist is going to just clean their teeth, it can be hard for a child to be calm when they don’t understand what this entails. Many children face anxiety when they don’t know how they are expected to act, or what they may experience, in a new place.
  3. Fear of Strangers
    If your child is shy around strangers, it is likely that they will be intimidated by meeting a new dentist or dental hygienist. Even if they have met their dentist before, it is likely they won’t remember them well if it has been six months since their last visit.
  4. Fear of Cavities
    The dreaded cavities…your child may be afraid of finding out there is something wrong with their teeth, which will require even more time at the dentist. As long as they have been taking good care of their teeth at home, their teeth should be A-okay. But that doesn’t mean your child won’t still be nervous.
  5. Fear by Proxy
    If a child’s parents, siblings or friends are afraid of the dentist, it is likely they will be, too. Especially if children see older individuals afraid of the dentist, they will assume there is something to fear.

Be Fear-Free at Sea of Smiles!

When it comes to dentist-fears amongst children, we have seen it all. Whether your child is nervous about a painful visit, or being in a strange new office, we understand! Which is why we go the extra mile to make sure your child knows there is no reason to be afraid.

At Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we take the time to explain every new experience and procedure to your child so that there is no “unknown” to fear. Every member of our friendly staff loves kids, and will put them at ease whether it is their first, or fiftieth, time at the dentist! Our office is kid-centered, so your child will know that this is a place just for them, designed to keep them healthy, safe and smiling!

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