Though a dentist may be the last thing that you’re thinking about when you give birth, it’s important to realize how common dental maladies can affect children. Among these common dental problems are baby bottle tooth decay, thumb sucking, tongue-thrusting, and canker sores. You want to ensure that you child gets the best care possible, and that often means prevention. Early dental visits are often educational, but they prepare parent and child for a lifetime of healthy mouths. If you need a kids’ dentist in Langhorne, at Seas of Smiles we’d like to offer you some vital information for the health of your child.

What maladies are treated by a kids’ dentist in Langhorne?

kids dentist in langhorneMany childhood dental problems can be treated quickly and get better if they are addressed early. Seas of Smiles’ kids dentist in Langhorne treats the following and more:

Baby bottle tooth decay

When a baby’s teeth is in frequent contact with sugars (including juices, milk, formula, etc), tooth decay can develop. Tooth decay occurs when these liquids are allowed to sit in the mouth, breaking down into simple sugars that draw bacteria. When bacteria arrive to feed on the sugars, tooth decay can result. Tooth decay is painful and dangerous, possibly leading to infection or an abscessed tooth if left untreated.

Thumb sucking

In most cases, thumb sucking does not have to be a cause for worry during the early years, as it’s comforting to infants generally between the ages of two and four. But when children stop sucking beyond these years, it could be time to eliminate the habit. Teeth may be pushed out of alignment from prolonged sucking. In even worse scenarios, the jaws may also become misaligned and the roof of the mouth could develop wrong.

Gum disease

Gum disease, also known as gingivitis, occurs when the gums are inflamed from poor oral health care. Plaque accumulates over time in the gums when you aren’t brushing and flossing regularly. If gums bleed easily and become red or swollen, or if your child has bad breath, this may mean that he or she may have gum disease. It’s a highly treatable condition, but important to catch so that gingivitis does not progress into tooth loss/bone damage.

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