The Many Benefits of a Pediatric Conscious Sedation Dental Office

Learn all the benefits of pediatric conscious sedation

pediatric conscious sedation dental office

All parents know how easily children can become upset. While often their tears are over perceived insults (such as having no more food…after they finished eating it all); there are also many scenarios that cause stress and anxiety to children. Going to the dentist can be one of these and it is important to make sure that your child is as calm as possible throughout the appointment. That’s why we highly recommend pediatric conscious sedation!

Though there are many different sedation methods in pediatric dentistry we generally recommend conscious sedation because it does not render the child unconscious, it simply puts the children in a more relaxed state so that they will be more receptive to the dental procedure. This causes the child to be calm and possibly drowsy but will help the child not be as scared of the dentist or any procedures that are being performed.

Who Benefits from Conscious Sedation

We recommend conscious sedation for many reasons. Some children have naturally nervous temperaments, others are not good at sitting still yet, and still, others have other developmental differences, such as autism.

Pediatric conscious sedation allows for a calm and stress-free dentist trip for all children. It helps alleviate negative associations the child may relate with such appointments and allows for a more productive trip for everyone.

Top Benefits of Pediatric Conscious Sedation

While you might be concerned about using any form of sedation on your child, it is important to know that the benefits far outweigh any potential concerns. Studies show that as long as your pediatric dentist is using the safest, most child-friendly sedation methods, your child will be perfectly safe.

Your child would benefit from pediatric conscious sedation during their dentist visit if…

  • They have a lot of dental treatment to be completed.
  • They tend to have a lot of energy and have trouble sitting still
  • They have special needs that require extra care and help
  • Younger children who are afraid of the dentist
  • They have developed negative association with the dentist
  • Avoiding dental phobias by building positive associations through a relaxed environment
  • Limited memory of sometimes frightening dental procedures

These benefits can completely transform your child’s dentist visits and relationship with dental hygiene for the rest of their life!

We want children to be calm and relaxed during their trip to the dentist. To set up an appointment at either our Yardley (267-392-5878) or Bensalem (215- 433-1840) locations; or learn more about conscious sedation or our other services, give us a call!