3 Reasons Why a Pediatric Conscious Sedation Dentist In Pa May Be A Good Choice For Your Child

 Know What Your Options Are Before Your Child’s Next Pediatric Dental Appointment

At Sea of Smiles, we have created a relaxed and friendly environment for children and parents.  Our licensed, knowledgeable, and friendly staff help explain what’s happening using kid-friendly language.  Our goal is to ensure that each child has a positive dental visit, and for some children, that means utilizing pediatric conscious sedation.

3 Reasons Why Pediatric Conscious Sedation Dentist in Pa May Be A Good Choice

There are a number of options to help your child stay comfortable during their dental visit including nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, which is a conscious sedative. However, you may want to consider pediatric conscious sedation dentist in Pa for your child’s next visit if:

  1. Your child has a fear of dentists and becomes increasingly anxious during their visit. In order to complete dental work safely, the child needs to be calm and relaxed.
  2. Extensive dental work takes time. It is difficult for most children to sit still for long periods of time, so conscious sedation is recommended to ensure a safe environment for the child and the dentist.
  3. Conscious sedation is recommended for some special needs children as well, as this allows the child to relax during the treatment process.

While there is no foolproof way to determine how a child will behave during a procedure, however we can make an educated guess once we have observed them during their dental visit.  If we make the determination that your child would benefit from conscious sedation, we will discuss it with you and work with you to decide the best course of treatment for your child.

What is Pediatric Conscious Sedation?

Pediatric conscious sedation provides minimal to moderate suppression of consciousness safely, which means that your child may not remember anything about the procedure.  The patient will retain the ability to breathe independently, and respond appropriately and normally to physical and verbal commands. This form of conscious sedation is given is a liquid sedative agent, and afterward, their mouth may feel numb or tingly.  Your child’s heart rate and breathing will be monitored during the entire procedure.

Post pediatric conscious sedation tips

After the appointment, your child will be awakened and discharged once they are stable.  Children are typically tired but alert and responsive afterward.  Adult supervision is recommended for the remainder of the day and activities such as watching TV and reading are encouraged.  We recommend that you make an appointment in the morning when a child can stay home from school, as the procedure may take awhile and your child should have time to recuperate.

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