Safe and Effective Pediatric Conscious Sedation Dentistry In Yardley

Going to the dentist for some children is smooth sailing, but for other children, it can produce fear and anxiety.  Pediatric conscious sedation dentistry in Yardley helps these children get the dental treatment they need without pain and suffering.

According to the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry, the goals of pediatric conscious sedation are:

  1. To guard the child’s safety and welfare
  2. To minimize the child’s physical discomfort and pain
  3. To control anxiety and diminish trauma
  4. To modify behavior and/or movement to allow the dentist to safely complete the procedure
  5. Ensure the safety of the child when returning to a conscious state

What To Do Before Pediatric Conscious Sedation Dentistry in Yardley

At Sea of Smiles, we want to everyone to feel comfortable before, during and after every visit.  If your child has an appointment and pediatric conscious sedation dentistry in Yardley is used during the visit, we recommend to do the following before your child’s appointment.

What to Do Before Pediatric Conscious Sedation

  • Don’t let your child eat after midnight the day before their appointment
  • Don’t give your child any medications before their appointment, bring them with you instead
  • Make sure your child is a wearing short sleeved shirt and loose clothing as we will be monitoring their vitals during the treatment

We encourage to you not to delay pediatric dental treatment, as it may cause more serious problems later.  Our mission at Sea of Smiles is to treat every child as if they were our own, and educate both parents and children about how to maintain good oral hygiene.  Relax in our kid-friendly waiting area equipped with video entertainment and a playroom.   For more information about pediatric conscious sedation dentistry in Yardley or to schedule an appointment, please call 267-392-5878.