Are you looking for a safe place to provide dental services for your child? Perhaps you have a hesitancy because your child is in need of major dental work that may require sedation. Here at Sea of Smiles we gladly provide your child with pediatric conscious sedation New Hope residents have relied on to keep their kids comfortable and safe.Pediatric Conscious Sedation New Hope Residents Trust

What Is Pediatric Conscious Sedation?

With advancements in dentistry, dentists have come to discover a solution to the panicked or anxiety-driven child. With pediatric conscious sedation drugs, your child will be able to tolerate their dental appointment with no upsets or breakdowns. This has come to provide relief for families time and time again.

Typically, the night before your child’s appointment, they will be directed to eat a low-fat dinner. The morning of the appointment, your child will receive a pre-sedation examination to be sure that they are ready to receive the medication that is administered in an oral liquid form by his or her dentist. Once this medication is delivered, your child will be able to feel the effects almost immediately, and the their apprehension will lower itself and your child will remain calm throughout the whole procedure.

If you’d like, our friendly staff here at Sea of Smiles is more than happy to provide you with pediatric conscious sedation protocol to answer any questions you may have.

Oral sedation provides a way for dentists to get as much done on your child as your would like, without multiple trips to the dentist. Best of all, your child ends up having a good experience – enabling them to want to return, time and time again.

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Here at Sea of Smiles we pride ourselves in the quality service and care that we deliver to your children. When it comes to Pediatric Conscious Sedation New Hope counts on, we are in it to win it. Contact us today for more information.

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