The Whole Nine Yards: From Pediatric Crowns to Preventive Care

pediatric crownsWhat is a pediatric dentist anyway? What makes them different from any other dentist?

When it comes to children’s dental health care, there is no better option than a certified pediatric dentist. At Sea of Smiles, we pride ourselves in specializing in the dental needs of children, from basic check-ups to pediatric crowns!

We work with children from their first tooth all the way through their teenage years, employing cutting edge technology and years of experience to inform our practice. Our pediatric care team has specialized in pediatric dentistry which requires an additional four years of education. No one knows kids’ dentistry better than us!

What Do We Offer?

Our list of services will cover just about anything your child may need from ages one to eighteen. To learn more about specific services and insurance questions, contact us here.

Preventative Care

Our main focus at Sea of Smiles is ensuring a healthy smile through preventative measures. From oral screenings and x-rays to regular cleanings, we keep an eye on your child’s oral health to make sure no problems go unnoticed. We would prefer if your child never has to experience a cavity, and that means teaching proper preventative care from an early age!

Restorative Dentistry

Sometimes, though, even excellent preventative care doesn’t stop tooth decay. We can restore your child’s smile with BPA-free fillings (both white or silver, based on your child’s dental needs). A cavity should never ruin a smile, and with our excellent restorative dentistry, it won’t!

Nitrous Oxide/Conscious Sedation

Even though our dental office is inviting, exciting and friendly, some kids still face anxiety when coming for a regular visit. That’s why we offer two options for helping them stay calm and avoid unnecessary trauma.

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, can be administered at our office through a child-sized breathing mask. This mild option relaxes your child throughout the procedure, and is completely ADA-approved.

Conscious Sedation is a great option for children with more extreme anxiety, or for special needs children. Administered via liquid, this sedation method keeps your child in a drowsy state that inhibits fear. This option is very safe, and your child’s vital signs will be carefully monitored throughout the procedure.

Pediatric Crowns

When a filling is not adequate to take care of a cavity, we offer pediatric crowns to help take care of the job. Dr. Raj Patel is one of only a few pediatric dentists that specializes in all-white crowns for all teeth, making the crowns naked to the invisible eye.

So, what are you waiting for? Come take a trip to Sea of Smiles and get the whole 9 yards with Dr. Raj! Also, stop by and meet our new associate, Dr. Mukund Patel, DMD!