Top 3 Toddler Dental Problems & Solutions From Your Pediatric Dental Office

If Your Toddler Suffering From One Of These These Common Children’s Dental Problems, We Have The Solution!

pediatric dental officeWhile children enjoy playing and having fun, it can be difficult at times to ensure that they maintain proper oral hygiene.  Your pediatric dental office wants you to know that a healthy dental routine is essential and can help prevent these top 3 pediatric dental care problems.

  1. Problem: Baby bottle tooth decay, also referred to as early childhood caries, or Nursing Bottle Syndrome is caused when baby teeth are exposed to prolonged contact with drinks high in sugar such as milk, baby formula, and fruit juice.  The bacteria breaks down sugar and produces an acid byproduct, and when acid attacks, it strips away the enamel and causes tooth decay.
    Solution: Keep the baby’s bottle or pacifier clean and sugar-free by taking juices or sugary drinks out of their diet, increasing the amount of water they drink, not allowing your baby to sleep with a bottle, and if they insist, fill it with water.

  2. Problem: Thumb sucking.  While generally not a problem for infants, it does become problematic once your child’s permanent teeth have come in.  When a child with permanent teeth sucks their thumb, it can push their teeth out of alignment which may lead to an overbite.
    Positive reinforcement helps break the thumb-sucking habit which is developed as a coping mechanism. Praise the child when they resist sucking their thumb, and give rewards once the child begins to abstain for longer periods of time.

  3. Problem: Sensitive teeth.  Many children suffer from sensitive teeth because the enamel on their teeth is thinner.  When tooth enamel gets worn down, the gums recede, or cracks are formed on the tooth, exposing the nerve endings. This causes pain when they consume hot or cold food and drinks.
    Solution: Make sure your child uses a soft-bristle toothbrush at home.  Schedule a visit at your pediatric dental office, where we can examine the teeth and recommend the appropriate treatment such as sealants to protect the enamel.

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