Know What Pediatric Dental Problems To Look For

Increase your knowledge and awareness of kid’s dental problems

Pediatric-Dental-ProblemsA good parent is always watching out for their child. A mother carefully warns her son away from touching the stove; a father takes his daughter’s hand as they cross the street and teaches her to look both ways before crossing. Parents observe everything their children are doing in order to ensure that their child is healthy, happy, and safe. That’s why it is important to be knowledgeable about pediatric dental problems.

Pediatric dental problems can negatively influence both a child’s health and happiness. Every parent should be aware of dental problems that their children might develop and how to resolve them.

3 Pediatric Dental Problems To Watch For In Your Child

  1. Cavities and Decay. Even though baby teeth fall out, they need just as much care—if not more—than adult teeth. This is because their tooth enamel isn’t as strong as an adult’s, and that means that they are far more prone to cavities and decay than an adult.
    Sugar attacks tooth enamel, which leads to tooth decay. Since the enamel on your child’s tiny teeth is 50% thinner than the enamel on your teeth, once decay begins, it does more damage, more quickly. If left unchecked, it can then turn into a cavity.
    That’s why you need to be proactive to avoid this common dental problem. One way you can do this is by using fluoride toothpaste and proper brushing techniques, and ensuring that your child has a good diet that is low in sugar.
  2. Gum Disease. Gums are more important than you think! They protect the bones that hold your teeth in place. Healthy gums are important for a healthy mouth, so we need to pay as much attention to them as we do to our teeth.
    That’s why you should watch for plaque build-up because if left untreated it can cause your child’s gums to swell and bleed.
    Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid gum disease by improved brushing and regular cleaning by the dentist.
  3. Bite Problems and Thumb Sucking. Did you know that even the seemingly innocent habit of thumb sucking can lead to tremendous pediatric dental problems? Thumb sucking can put pressure on tiny teeth and start pushing them forward, which may lead to braces or tooth removal.
    Thumb sucking and other bite problems can increase if ignored, that’s why it is important to be aware of everything that is going on in your child’s mouth. The best way to address bite problems is to take your child to the dentist to discuss solutions that will help prevent more serious problems.

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