Dr. Raj is the Go-To Pediatric Dentist in Yardley

Why choose Sea of Smiles? Just ask Bucks County!

Pediatric Dentist In YardleyAs one of  television’s most beloved characters, Sophia Petrillo used to say, “Picture It.” So picture walking into a warm and nurturing environment. Upon entering the office, you are greeted with a sea of smiles. You get the sense you belong and are part of a family. Are you envisioning a dentist office? Chances are, probably not. Warm and fuzzy feelings are usually not associated with the dentist office.

However, there is one pediatric dentist in Yardley who is transforming the image of dentistry. Dr. Raj has become the most beloved pediatric dentist in Yardley, PA. Many families in Bucks County visit Dr. Raj at his practice called Sea of Smiles. Dr. Raj and his friendly staff not only provide preventative and emergency oral care but remove any fears and anxieties associated with dental visits. Don’t just take our word for it.

Sea Of Smiles is the Preferred Pediatric Dentist In Yardley

You will find positive testimonials and reviews that show why Sea Of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry is the most kid-friendly dental office in Yardley.  One of our newest families expressed “I was super nervous about how my son would do at his first appointment. Even when my son became nervous, the dental assistant did a great job to make him feel comfortable.-”Shanece. All in all, once her son calmed down and discovered the T.V. in the room, he did great for his teeth cleaning.

Jessica raved, “It was a great experience from the first walk in the door. The office doesn’t smell like a regular dentist office. It had a calming smell and freshness. The dental assistant made my daughter feel very comfortable. She also took extra time to explain every step and tool to my daughter. Dr. Raj was amazing as well! My daughter can’t wait to go back!”

We all know most dentists offices have a smell that consists of rubber gloves, rubbing alcohol, and metal instruments. At Sea of Smiles, that’s not the case. You and your children will fall in love with the kid-friendly illustrations and relaxing atmosphere. Just ask our friends at Bucks Happening!

When you read the testimonials from our website or Facebook page, you’ll find the consensus of families raving about our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Many parents have expressed their past fears associated with visiting the dentist, but with Sea of Smiles, they noticed the difference right away. We even provide office tours to parents and children in order to eliminate any anxiety at the first appointment.

Not looking for a pediatric dentist in or around Yardley? No problem! Sea of Smiles is opening an office in Bensalem, PA for those looking in this area. Our Bensalem office will be featuring Dr. Mukund Patel, a trusted colleague of Dr. Raj. For more information on Dr. Mukund, check out his bio here.

Call us today at one of our two locations:

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