While the Affordable Care Act may have you confused and frustrated with all the logistics, Sea of Smiles is here to help you navigate the coverage of your pediatric dentist insurance in Langhorne.  

All the jibberish boils down to one of three main types of pediatric dental coverage within your insurance policy.  While there may be slight variations, these three different policy terms will be the ones most likely offered by health insurance providers.


Embedded pediatric dental insurance plans mean that your dental plan is included in your overall medical insurance policy.  Embedded plans operate on a family deductible as well as an individual deductible for each member of the family.  The family deductible is always higher and can be met by the collective health care expenses paid out-of-pocket.

The deductible amount for each individual family member is usually a good bit lower and provides full coverage after this lesser dollar amount has been met in health care expenses within a certain year.  

Obviously with pediatric dentist insurance in Langhorne, your hope and ours is that you will never have to reach your deductible from dental services alone.  

Which is why some insurance contracts may wave this deductible for all dental services (or establish a smaller separate dental deductible), some for just diagnostic and preventative services, but some may not at all.

It’s important to be informed of the nature of your insurance policy.  Ask your insurance provided for specific details on their dental allowances.  


Bundled insurance means that your dental and medical coverages are sold together, but as two separate policies. The dental policy could be offered in house by the medical insurance carrier or by a separate, stand-alone dental carrier.

Because of a greater presence of federal rules governing bundled dental coverage, it can be a good option for policyholders searching for pediatric dentist insurance coverage.  Bundled dental coverage qualifies for separate deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums, and these plans generally have much lower deductibles


Stand-alone dental coverage is similar to bundled coverage in that it offers limited deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums that remain low, but it is not offered in relation to another medical insurance policy. Stand-alone coverage can be paired with a separate medical insurance that does or does not include pediatric dental.

Both bundled and stand-alone dental plans must comply with ACA standards by offering a guaranteed value of either 70% or 85%, meaning that the portion of covered services paid by the dental carrier must be at or above that percentage. 

At Sea of Smiles, we know how confusing pediatric dentist insurance in Langhorne can be.  That’s why our staff is trained and willing to answer any of your questions and steer you in the direction that will give you the right answer.  

Please call us at 267-392-5878 with any questions you may have.  We look forward to helping you!

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