Sea of Smiles is the premier pediatric dentist servicing greater Yardley, PA. Sea of Smiles accepts a wide variety of pediatric dentist insurance in Yardley PA. Our goal is to make your first visit a splash! Here’s what you need to know before you come in!

Scheduling Your Visit

At Sea of Smiles we always strive to schedule an appointment that works with your child’s typical school and daycare schedule. We also know that certain times of day are better for children at various stages of development. Younger children seem to do better in the morning, since they are well-rested. We will work with you to schedule an ideal time!

Planning Your Visit

Before your first visit, print, read and fill out our Registration and Health History and Privacy Practices forms. By filling these out in advance, you can relax in the waiting room and avoid delaying your appointment. Be sure to bring along your card for your pediatric dentist insurance in Yardley PA, if you have one. If you do not have a physical card, just supply the name of your insurance carrier and our staff can look up your details!

Preparing Your Child For Their First Exam

We know that going to any medical appointment with a new doctor can be stressful and sometimes scary for young children. At Sea of Smiles, we work hard to make going to the dentist fun and relaxing. We always suggest using positive words to talk about the dentist and not mentioning anything scary!

Call Us!

The team at Sea of Smiles can’t wait to speak with you! Call us today to check if we take your pediatric dentist insurance in Yardley PA ! After you make your appointment, pop our address (301 Oxford Valley Road, Suite 1801 Yardley PA 19067) into your GPS so you are ready for your big day!

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