Three Benefits of Choosing Our Pediatric Dentist Office in Bensalem

Looking For A Pediatric Dentist For Your Child? Visit Sea of Smiles!

Pediatric-Dentist-Office-In-BensalemDo you have a little one who is reluctant or scared to visit the dentist? We aren’t surprised. Kids crave constant excitement and fun, and, normally, pediatric dentistry isn’t associated with these terms. Who wants to see a dentist when you can run around outside, play video games, and eat a bunch of sugar!?

Sea of Smiles is on a mission to challenge this norm and help kids actually want to go to the dentist! At our pediatric dentist office in Bensalem, we not only try to make regular dentist appointment routines more enjoyable, such as examinations and cleanings. Our pediatric dentists also aim to educate young patients about dental hygiene within the most comfortable environment possible. Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be such a drag!

At Sea of Smiles, we understand how medical professionals in a child’s life can impact his or her confidence, especially regarding her or his teeth and smile. That’s why we’ve provided three reasons you and your child should consider visiting one of our pediatric dentists.

Why Your Child Should Come to Sea of Smiles’ Pediatric Dentist Office in Bensalem

  1. Educated and personable dentists
    At our office in Bensalem, Dr. Mukund Patel can provide pediatric dental care. Dr. Mukund is a great fit at Sea of Smiles because of his impressive education. He graduated from Schreyer Honors College at Penn State and completed his dental training at University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. After that, he decided to continue his studies in Pediatric Dentistry at the Episcopal Division of Temple. He’s been preparing for this line of work for a long time!
    Additionally, pediatric dentists should always be approachable and devoted to giving patients the best care possible. Dr. Mukund has a passion for teaching children about dental health. He believes educating kids early on can help them make good, hygienic choices for the rest of their lives. Fewer cavities later in life? Yes, please!
  2. A safe and comfortable environment
    One of our top priorities is making our pediatric dentist offices child-friendly. To do so, we make sure all staff members communicate in a friendly and enthusiastic manner. More so, we have designed every room to be safe for children, and all of the dental equipment used by our dentists is child-sized. No matter what age, children can sense positive or negative vibes in a given environment, and we certainly aim to give off the most positive vibes possible!
  3. A universal dedication to patient happiness
    Everyone working at Sea of Smiles–pediatric dentists and staff members alike-shares the goal of making patients happy. Despite our efforts, kids may still come to the dentist feeling resistant and afraid. Whether it’s the fear of sharp dental tools or a negative past experience involving painful dental work, these children might have pre-existing notions of a dentist office that cause them to be less than cooperative art their dental appointments.

We aim to work with each individual child to make them as content as possible. Our pediatric dentists and staff members have plenty of experience working with children and therefore know several ways to make them feel safe and secure. At Sea of Smiles, our young patients are in good hands.

Make sure your child receives the best pediatric dental care possible! If you are interested in visiting our pediatric dentist office in Bensalem, give us a call at 215-433-1840. We also have an office in Yardley, and you can reach us there at 267-392-5878. Contact either office if you would like more general information about how your children can benefit from seeing a pediatric dentist.