Valentine’s day is a special day typically filled with boxes of chocolates and sugary treats for kids to share at school. How can you help your child reduce the harmful effects of consuming too much sugar? Pediatric dentistry Langhorne trusts has some recommendations to ensure your child’s smile stays healthy!

  1. Know which candy to avoid.  Hard candies, super sticky or chewy candies do the most damage to teeth.  Replace these with moderate amounts of dark chocolate to minimize the risk of cavities.
  2. Know when and how much candy your child can eat.  First decide on a reasonable portion of candies your kid can consume in one sitting.  After your child has eaten a balanced meal, let them choose one small portion of sweets to eat.
  3. Eliminate candy altogether.  Kids generally consume enough sweets at school and don’t need any additional sugar in their diets.  If your child’s class exchanges Valentine’s Day cards, why not add stickers, pencils, erasers, crayons or sugarless gum instead?
  4. If and when your child does indulge in Valentine’s Day treats, make sure they drink a glass of water afterwards to help rinse away excess sugar on their teeth.

If you follow your pediatric dentist near Langhorne’s advice, then you’ll have succeeded in limiting the amount of sugar your child eats.

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Why is Sea of Smiles the pediatric dentistry Langhorne families love? At Sea of Smiles, we provide a kid-friendly and relaxed environment and provide your family with

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  • Monthly contests and prizes for kids who achieve specific oral health goals

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