The Tough Truth About Pediatric Flossing

Why is pediatric flossing so important? Find out why it’s essential to your child’s oral hygiene.

pediatric flossingAnyone who’s ever had to teach a child something new, knows that it can be very frustrating. Some stuff they just seem to get intuitively, and you wonder how they figured it out, and some things just takes ages to explain. And that’s not the hardest part. The hardest part is trying to figure out how to teach them to do something they have no interest in doing. Something like flossing their teeth.

But unfortunately for those kids, regular flossing is essential to their dental health. There are a host of problems that come with poor oral hygiene, and they can all get worse as your kids age if they aren’t taken care of. As tough as it is, flossing needs to be part of your child’s dental hygiene routine. Here’s why pediatric flossing is so important.

Why Pediatric Flossing is So Important (and some tips to get started!)

Pediatric flossing should be a part of your child’s dental hygiene routine. After all, there’s nothing quite like it. For removing particles of food and plaque in between the teeth, nothing is as effective as floss. Toothbrushes just can’t fit into the tight spaces needed to really clean things up. And there’s nothing that can clean the edges of teeth quite so well, either.

Why is it so important? Just like brushing, the purpose of flossing is to remove the bits of food and plaque that accumulate on teeth. When this stuff builds up, the bacteria in your mouth feed on it and produce an acid that can damage teeth, especially young teeth. And the worst part is, the longer this goes on, the easier it becomes to damage the teeth! That’s why good oral hygiene (such as pediatric flossing) is so important early on. Habits that are established early last a long time, and can protect your child’s teeth for many years.

When you teach your child to floss their teeth, here are some pediatric flossing tips to cover.

  • Don’t use too much floss! You don’t need much: less than a foot will do, and you usually need less than that!
  • Wrap the ends of the floss around your fingers to make it easier to control!
  • Make sure to get in between each and every tooth, even the hard-to-reach back ones!
  • Floss before bed to make sure those teeth go to bed squeaky-clean!

If you follow these tips, your child’s teeth will be nice and clean! Pediatric flossing can make a huge difference in a child’s dental health, and regular flossing can help prevent enamel damage.

If you have any questions about pediatric flossing or making the best of your child’s dental health, don’t hesitate to call Sea of Smiles! We’re here to help! You can find us in both Yardley and Bensalem.