Trying to find a dentist for your child may seem like the end of the world. The research, the questions. Your child may already have decided they don’t like going to the dentist because they’re afraid. What do you do? Sea of Smiles specializes in pediatric dentistry and offers pediatric conscious sedation in Levittown! Dr. Raj Patel, pediatric dentist of Sea of Smiles believes that, “working together for the common good” should be the focus of his business and his family.pediatric conscious sedation in Levittown

Sea of Smiles offers many services that are safe and comfortable for your child.

  • Preventative Care
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Conscious Sedation
  • All-White Crowns/Stainless Steel Crowns(Caps)

All of these services are done with a careful and watchful eye.

The Sea of Smiles staff can help your child feel more comfortable coming to the dentist and will keep the parent informed of what is going on with their child. Dr. Raj will make sure that your child is informed on what will happen at their appointment and will create a fear-free and welcoming environment for your child. Pediatric conscious sedation in Levittown is the best choice by far!

If your child is worried or too afraid but needs work done, conscious sedation is offered. This allows the child to feel more relaxed and sleepy so the work can be completed. A liquid sedative is given so there is a more positive and less fearful experience for the child. Every child is closely monitored through the entire procedure.

So why not choose pediatric conscious sedation in Levittown? Dr. Raj and the Sea of Smiles staff can help your child conquer their fears of going to the dentist. Your child will have a new, friendly and fearless perspective when it comes to going to their appointments. Don’t live through another bad experience with your child at the dentist. Contact Sea of Smiles today!

Pediatric Conscious Sedation In Levittown | Pediatric Conscious Sedations In Levittown