Although oral health plays a key role in the overall health of a child, statistics show that dental visits still rate rather low on the medical priority list.  

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 23% of children 2 to 11 have never been to the dentist.  And almost half of all very young children age 2 to 5 have never been.

Finding preventive care near New Hope for your child is more important than you may realize.

Q: What is preventive dental care?

A: Preventive care encompasses a variety of steps to help your child realize their best and brightest smile.  

  • Healthy eating habits
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Sealants
  • Proper brushing and flossing techniques
  • Regular dental check-ups
  • Early cavity detection
  • Guidance of erupting teeth
  • Providing proper protection against injuries (mouth guards for athletics)
  • Evaluating oral development

Q: Why is preventive care important for my child?

A:  Preventive care starts your child off right.  Studies show that oral health, if ignored and allowed to deteriorate, can have lifelong effects on overall health, setting your child up for greater risk of  chronic disease.  

Preventive care near New Hope eliminates the problem before it even starts.  Sea of Smiles is equipped to guard your child against poor oral health and diagnose early difficulties.  Dr. Raj Patel and his team will also provide you and your child with a wealth of information about your role in maintaining oral health. 

Q:  What is my role in my child’s preventive care?

A:  The best oral health doesn’t happen just in the dental chair.  It exists because of caring and consistent parents that train their children how to best care for their teeth.  

Your involvement in this process can start even before your child’s first tooth.  Gently rubbing gums with a clean infant toothbrush can condition your child to the feel and habit of proper cleaning.  

Take the time to teach your child exactly how, where, and how long he should be brushing every time.  And remind him to do so at least twice a day.  Most every child needs daily reminders to practice good oral health.

Q:  When should preventive care start?

A:  As stated above, your role at home can start as soon as you wish, taking care to be gentle and patient.  But your child’s first dental visit should be even sooner than you may think.  Visit your dentist as soon as the first tooth erupts, but no later than 12 months of age.  The earlier the care, the greater protection against future oral problems.  

Q:  What does my dentist offer for preventive care?

A:  During preventive care near New Hope, Dr. Raj and his team will take care to provide thorough cleanings and checkups, ridding the teeth of unwanted plaque and tartar build up, while strengthening the teeth with regular fluoride treatments and tooth sealants if necessary.

At Sea of Smiles, we also pay close attention to any developing problems and alert you of possible lack in care that may be occurring.  We will be sure to determine the best preventive measures you can take as well as guiding you through the possible need for orthodontic care.  

It is never too early to establish proper oral habits.  Visit Sea of Smiles for the best experience in preventive care for your precious little one.

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