5 Signs of Quality Pediatric Dentistry

How do you know you’ve found the right dentist for your kids?

quality pediatric dentistryEvery pediatric dentist will say that they are the right pick…but how do you know who is truly the best fit for your child’s dental needs?

Finding a trustworthy, quality dentist is tough. It is even more difficult to find a dentist that will cater to the needs of children. Your Q.P.D. (quality pediatric dentist) should not just say they are great…they should show you! Here are the five signs that the dentist in question truly provides quality pediatric dentistry that has your whole family’s best interests in mind.

  • Q.P.D. is a Pediatric Dentist.

Many family dentists work with kids, but that doesn’t mean they have the academic background to work specifically with children. A Q.P.D. has completed special training for working with kids, with a focus in diseases and dental issues of which children are particularly susceptible. For example, Dr. Raj Patel, of Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, completed the Pediatric Dentistry program at the highly competitive Episcopal Division of Temple University before starting his own practice working with children!

  • Q.P.D. has a Kid-Friendly Office.

Does your potential Q.P.D. have a play area for kids? Child-centered educational materials? Friendly staff that welcomes your child as soon as they walk through the door? If a dentist says they know about kids, then they should know how to make them feel welcome!

  • Q.P.D. is Engaging.

Is it a drag to talk to your pediatric dentist? Then your kids probably think so, too. A Q.P.D. will be engaging to you and your kids, making it an enjoyable experience to get to know them!

  • Q.P.D. Exhibits Growth.

A good sign of quality pediatric dentistry is an office that is showing signs of growth. That means your dentist should continue to seek education, staying on top of the newest innovations in pediatric dentistry. It is also a good sign if your dentist shows professional development by having a growing business. For example, Sea of Smiles just opened up a new office in Bensalem!

  • Q.P.D. is an Educator.

More than anything, a pediatric dentist should be able to educate your child about the best preventive care practices. Afterall, a healthy child is a well-educated child. Make sure your potential Q.P.D. believes this, too!

To learn more about how Sea of Smiles can be your Q.P.D., contact us today! Our quality pediatric dentistry is kid-friendly, engaging, and just right for catering to the needs of your children. Give us a call or stop by and meet our new associate, Dr. Mukund Patel, DMD!