Toddler Dental Care Doesn’t Have To Feel Like Pulling Teeth!

Here’s Five Creative Tricks To Get Your Toddler In On The Game

toddler dental careTrying to get a three-year-old to do what you want when you want them to do it, can seem like a massive feat of patience. If you add in a toothbrush, water, and some toothpaste into the mix, you may just have yourself a little Picasso or swashbuckling pirate on your hands. Or worse, you may have a little one who just “doesn’t want to!” It doesn’t have to be an undertaking of epic proportions when it comes to toddler dental care. We promise! There is hope for getting a handle on taking care of your toddler’s teeth.

5 Creative Tricks to Make Toddler Dental Care Fun!

Of course, we know some common sense rules when it comes to dental care for toddlers. Don’t let them suck on their thumb or a pacifier for too long. Make sure they’re eating and drinking the right things, making certain that they’re adequately nourished. Sleep is important. Of course, it is awesome when it’s uninterrupted sleep! But, we all know that in the real toddler world, that reality might be flipped on its head – just as your toddler is flipped on their head! We’re going to help make toddler dental care fun, by giving you some tricks to get them on board with brushing their teeth.

  1. Make Brushing a Game. Your little one should be brushing their teeth for a minimum of two minutes. Set a timer to see if they can brush for that long. Make it a race against the clock. Or, you can brush alongside them and see who can create the best bubble mouth while brushing. It’s fun to beat mom or dad at the “bubble mouth game”!
  2. Play Follow The Leader.  While you brush your own teeth, get down on your toddler’s level so they can see what you are doing. Show them how to brush properly by demonstrating how to brush in circles, like train wheels going around on a track from left-to-right and right-to-left. Get them to follow your lead. Then, give them a turn at being  the leader. Throw in a couple of “choo-choos” for good measure!
  3. Let Them Pick Their Own Toothbrush and Toothpaste. There is such a variety of flavors and vibrant packaging from which to choose. Let your little one pick out a couple of different ones to keep things from getting boring. Toothbrushes need to be age appropriate, so be sure to check labels for bristle softness. With so many colors and characters, your child will have a blast choosing their very own toothbrush!
  4. Check out Fun Books and Videos. There are a plethora of learning materials available on pediatric dental care. Take a trip to the library to check out age-appropriate books. Find videos online that make it look fun and teach the importance and value of taking care of their teeth. Find out if their favorite characters have a show specifically about dental care for toddlers and what happens at their first visit to the dentist. You’ll find a ton of resources to help you make dental care fun for your little one!
  5. Praise and Rewards. Be sure to praise your toddler for taking care of their own teeth. Make sure they know how big they are and that you’re giving them a big boy or big girl responsibility. They need to be praised at every turn. Reward them by giving them stickers on a chart. Stars, smiley faces, a smiling tooth, superheroes – all make for fantastic motivation for toddlers brushing their own teeth!

As you can see, there are multiple ways to motivate your little one when it comes to their pediatric dental care. If this is your very first time going head to head with your toddler, or even if this isn’t your first rodeo, we know that when it comes to dealing with toddlers, the climate and rules can change from minute to minute. We are on your team! Let us help in any way we can. Call us for your first child’s first visit or your third child’s check-up. We are here for you in any capacity.

At Sea of Smiles, you and your child are family. The old adage “It takes a village” is true. We are here for you and your toddler. Let us help you get the toddler dental care your little one deserves. Call us today in Yardley at (267) 392-5878 or Bensalem at (215) 433-1840 to schedule an appointment.