If you are looking for Yardley child dental services, you may have a checklist in the back of your mind as you compare options.

  • Is the doctor experienced?
  • Will my child feel comfortable at the office?
  • Is this a place where my child and I can have our questions answered?
  • Is someone on call to speak to in case of an emergency?

All of these questions are important ones to bring into the discussion as you try to find the right Yardley child dental services for you and your family.  At Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we can happily answer yes to each of the above questions!


Dr. Raj brings his expertise to our pediatric dental services, allowing us to provide a full range of outstanding preventative and restorative care.  From cleanings to fillings, and even more extensive repair, you can have confidence that you are receiving state-of-the-art service at our office.  And although we hope that no emergencies ever occur for you and your child, we realize that these are normal over the course of childhood play.  So, we always have a pediatric dentist on call to help you take the right steps to restore your child’s precious smile.


We have worked hard to create an atmosphere in which you and your child will feel comfortable at every visit.  Because we know that providing the best dental care includes teaching you to take care of your smiles on your own, we are excited to answer any questions you may have and to teach proper oral health care techniques like brushing and flossing.  Of course, a trusting and comfortable relationship with the dentist is another important aspect of promoting good dental health, so we are dedicating to to building the connection with each and every patient.

For more information about the Yardley child dental services that residents trust, contact us today at 267-392-5878.

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