For some Yardley children, dentists might seem like a scary prospect.  They may have heard playground stories of cavities and fillings which make them drag their feet with each visit.  However, for many Yardley children, dentists are no longer a people to be avoided, but instead are friends to be visited!  At Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Raj and his team will work to make your child feel welcome and comfortable at every visit.

Starting with your very first visit, we are working to break down the old fears of dentists and help your children build positive associates with the healthy practice of regular visits.  You can help, too, by talking with your child before hand about how gentle and friendly the dentist will be.  Rest assured that Dr. Raj and his team will live up to your positive expectations.  Our goal is to be the best oral health care providers for your child.  Whether you need preventative, restorative, or emergency oral care for your child, we use the latest techniques to help him or her have a healthy start to oral health.

Going to see the dentist from as early as the age of one year is important for Bucks County children.  Dentists can help kids of any age develop healthy habits and beautiful smiles, which in turn support their self-esteem as they go on in life.  As a parent, it is important for you to have someone on your side who is enthusiastic about helping your children get off to a health, happy start.   And as we teach your children important brushing and flossing habits, we also offer you tools to support them in the development of these skills.

For more information about Sea of Smiles Pediatric Dentistry or to schedule your child’s first appointment, contact us today at 267-392-5878.

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